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1st October

1964: Windmill announces it is to close
The theatre that boasted that "We never closed" during the London Blitz of the Second World War announced that it was to shut.

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There are currently no events for this date There are currently no events for this date 1938: 'Peace in our time' says Chamberlain

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  2. 1900: 'Twopenny Tube' opens to the public
  3. 1985: Tube smoking ban expanded to stations
  4. 1981: BR's tilting train arrives in London
  5. 1970: motorway opens in west London
  6. 1947: 32 killed in South Croydon train crash
  7. 1985: Gas explosion in Putney kills 8
  8. 1966: Guinness heir killed in car accident
  9. 1975: 43 killed in Moorgate rush-hour Tube crash
  10. 1913: Suffragettes jailed for Kew Gardens blaze